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Rich Glamour Cosmetics inception came to be in March 2019. There were many barriers, negative and positive challenges, and lack of support. However, giving up without putting in 150%+ was not an option. Therefore, here we are today servicing consumers with newly innovated products.

We have strategically planned for over a year to develop scalable products that will be a suitor for any cosmetic lover.

Years prior to the inception of Rich Glamour Cosmetics, I started on a spiritual journey and my daughters soon followed the journey. As we all grew deeper into our journeys, one of my daughter’s started studying Chakra Alignment. From our journey our first product ideation was born, “Chakra Sensation Palette”, which is a 35-color highly pigmented cruelty free vegan eyeshadow palette.

Our life is marked by small moments. Some are good, some are bad, however no matter the moment or the situations, we should always hope that we will be led to the answer that fits just right with our life’s path. We believe that this is the path for a better life, for moments of greater life value. It is with this philosophy that we introduce Rich Glamour Cosmetics to our friends, family, clients, suppliers, and business associates.

We are ready to show the industry what we have to offer. We have many great product ideas and projects are being implemented, we will rigorously follow the same audacious projects every day to ensure success. Our goal is to multiply resources and generate more employment which will ultimately positively affect the communities we serve. 

Rich Glamour Cosmetics History: I mentioned in my “CEO TALK” that our company was brought to life several years ago, fun-fact Rich Glamour Cosmetics name comes from my deceased Grandfather Richard Glover, and my grandson Rich J’Leone. My grandfather was a loving, hard-working and very proud man, who cared about family. He always instilled in his children and grandchildren that no matter how slim and tough the road may seem, do not be afraid to walk the path of the road, it is when you are faced with adversity that you find the greatest strength.

We thank each of you for taking the time to view our products and read about our vision, mission, and history. We are humbled by your interest and welcome you to always come back to view new products, learn about release dates, special collection announcements, discounts, and promotions.

Tia Frieson
Chief Executive Officer

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