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The Rich Goddess Collection - Hunter Palette

MUST HAVE: The Rich Goddess Collection is a new collection by Rich Glamour Cosmetics. The Hunter Palette is the first of the collection. This collection is inspired by one of our biggest supporters and dear friend Tiffani Hunter-Monique. 


Tiffani is inspired by many colors however, green is the go to color for any and almost every occasion for Tiffani. 


This vegan and chemical free 15 Color Shimmer/Matte/Glitter Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette, is smooth, has a gentle finish, and long lasting. This eyeshadow can be easily applied on face and body, so that you can enjoy the wonderful and perfect DIY process. Exquisite shades of eyeshadow, easy to carry, suitable for makeup beginners and especially crafted for experienced makeup artists.


This eyeshadow is exquisitely crafted, allowing you to have a flawless look every time. At the same time, this eyeshadow is designed for eyeliner and body art.

Professional matte eyeshadow palette super soft and highly pigmented, waterproof, excellent ductility, strong adhesion and can last all day.


Durable packaging design. Improving personal temperament. Receiving a broken eye shadow palette is an upsetting situation of make-up lovers. Our safe packaging method can reduce the chances of being broken.


Fanatic Blending Matte, Shimmer and Glitter eye shadows palette, easily blendable that can be applied wet or dry for many different looks. Reasonably clever color combinations, make the eyes more vivid, rich three-dimensional. It can be used on top lip, face, legs, and body! Can also be used as a eyeshadow base, bronzers and highlighters.


Wonderful in Your World Matte, shimmer and Glitter eyeshadow palette will take you through every season, providing you with every color of eyeshadow you need. Great for exploring colors and makeup artistry. Suit for different occasions, like casual, salon, party, wedding, etc.


The product is safe! Made from the best pigments and purest mineral oil. No harm and great for all levels of skin.

The Rich Goddess Collection - Hunter Palette

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